RAGA Engineering Ltd. (herein after called 'RAGA') was estabhised since 1992. This is an electrical company which mainly involves supplying and installation of the electrical services in Hong Kong and overseas. The nature of business includes electrical installation, low voltage electrical switchboard assembly installation and sales of electrical products. We are specialised in the design and assembly of electrical switchboards for many residential and commercial projects in Hong Kong (Job reference list is available on request).

RAGA has accumulated a track record covering over a lot of projects in Hong Kong. The most demanding of all clients requirements placed on us is performance i.e. time, quality, within budget. Once a client commits to a project, it is vital that implementation follows quicky and smoothly. From the first briefings and team meetings through to the timely delivery of finished product to the site, RAGA is geared to performance.

The Products


RAGA Engineering Ltd.



'Dorman Smith' Electrical Switchboard (U.K.)
'Delab' Scientific (Malaysia)


We are the sole agents and distributors of the above products, Technical catalogues are available on requests. Please contect us for details.   
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