Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB's)
Standards Compliance: BS EN 60947-3 and IEC 947-3
Rated Voltage: 240/415, 50/60Hz
Rated Making and Breaking Capacity: 3kA r.m.s.



Double Pole Four Pole
40A 30mA 18R40/30/2 18R40/30/4
40A 100mA 18R40/100/2 18R40/100/4
63A 30mA 18R63/30/2 18R63/30/4
63A 100mA 18R63/100/2 18R63/100/4
63A 300mA 18R63/300/2 18R63/300/4
100A 30mA 18R100/30/2 18R100/30/4
100A 100mA 18R100/100/2 18R100/100/4
100A 300mA -- 18R100/300/4


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