MALVERN Skirting Trunking


Malvern skirting trunking is a range of 3 compartment steel trunking and accessories designed with the the style and attractiveness of appearance of traditional skirting.

Its clean lines and neat corner units appeal to architects, consultants, interior designers and clients alike.

The trunking is designed to allow cutting of the lid on site to fit accessory plates where required, any new edge being covered by the neat connector strap provided.  Flush fitting accessories from the Diamond range enhance the overall appearance of the system.


  • Steel dividers allow up to 3 services (ie power, voice and data) to be incorporated within the trunking, providing maximum screening effect for voice/data services.

  • Single screw fixing of connection straps allows easy access to accessories for installation or modification.

  • A full range of internal bends, external bends, tees, etc, are acailable to ensure that all site situations can be accommodated without the loss of quality of appearance or finish.

  • As an alternative to flush fitting accessories, the capital range of moulded accessories can be fitted on the trunking. 


The range is available in an epoxy polyester powder coated finish from a choice of 3 standard colours.  Paint finishes have a 65% gloss level.  Other colours are available to order by quoting a RAL/BS/NCS number.


BS 00E55


BS 00E53


BS 00A05



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